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The opening is called the Cadillac of chess openings, why? - it's dynamic , aggressive , promising and great scoring respone to 1.e5. 
Najdorf is the most popular variation of the Sicilian defense. Nothing to add , just study the video and and conquer with Najdorf

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Danish gambit (in Russian books I often face Nordic gambit ) is very sharp attempt by white to go for attack from the very beginning . Unlike the King's gambit , here white sacrifices 2 pawn for quick development and attack. White's both bishops are placed on long diagonals to shoot on black's kingside . But, appears that black even under such an attack , can make advantage , as 2 extra pawns will come so handy in middle game and endgame . So , with careful play black must snatch the early advantage. The Author suggests this opening against weaker opponents , and also in blitz games. Anyway, if the opponent is not experienced , white can punish him.

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Not that promising defense by black , but it can surely be deadly weapon against unprepared opponent. The variation in this video is the 2nd popular continuation of Benoni after Benko gambit.

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Bluemenfeld gambit leads to a Benoni kind of position , but with an extra move e6 . As it's in Benoni , here too black trying to challenge white's central "d" pawn out of the first moves . I play this opening regularly in blitz , as it's very dynamic , sharp and challenging defense by black.

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Slav Chameleon is very modern and popular opening among GMs now , 4....a6 gives black opportunities on the queenside and also doesn't risk its positions after variation like Semi-Slav.

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Benko gambit occurs after Benoni defense. I think , it's the most reasonable and desirable  continuation of Benoni defense for black. Sacrificing a pawn black intends to put pressure both on white's kingside(after Ba6) and on queenside after(Rb8) , but in the Benko gambit blacks are taking risk , as with whites careful play the position will become favourable for white.

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A very fashionable and dynamic opening in chess. An immediate break in the center will make the game very interesting .No one will get bored with this opening. ... Read more »

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Milner-Barry Gambit meets the French defense after the moves 1.e4-e6, 2.d4-d5, 3.e5-c5, 4.c3-Qb6, 5.Nf3-Nc6, 6.Bd3-cxd4. Nowadays the gambit very rarely seen . Black can obtain good position if played the correct lines and can carry on the game with an extra pawn.Гамбит_милнерберри1.flvГамбит_милнерберрри2.flv

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Another variation of the French Defence 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e5 c5 5.a3 Bxc3 6.bxc3 Qa5! has become popular in recent times.Французская_защита.mp4

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After watching this video you will realize that the Indian construction for the French defense for white doesn't give blacks any difficulties if they properly and accurately play debut. Also is discussed  the Exchange Variation of the French defense. 1.e4-e6 2. d4-d5 3. exd5-exd5, which also does not cause any difficulties in the development of black, especially for light-squared bishop.Французская_защита_-_индийские_построения_за_белых.mp4

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