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Defence (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Bb4). In this video tutorial is discussed a specific embodiment of the French defense. The video will also be very useful to those who do not play the French defense. This system arrangement of figures is called variant Mc Ketchona.французская_мак_кетчон.flv


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The Staunton Gambit was once a feared attacking line, but it has been out of favor for over 80 years.стаунтон.flv

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NOTE! I'm changing video names from English to Russian, so as it could be more difficult to find and remove them.

A popular continuation of the agressive Dutch defense. Blacks are going to dominate in the centre and generate a powerful kingside attack , but meanwhile they're weakening the dark squares and will have serious problems developing queenside pieces.
The Stonewall is still popular in club level.стонеуол1.flv.стонуол2.mp4

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A whole new video for you. The Moller defense against Ruy Lopez, which is very modern and dynamic approach by black, not going to closed systems . Black's idea is to threaten white's kingside , so as not placing the bishop on the passive e7 square, as it is in closed variations.

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Nimzo Indian defense is the most popular reply to 1.d4. Black pins white knight to the king and temporarily eliminates the move e4 by white. Black is willing to give away his bishop pair for quick development and white's structural weaknesses . The Nimzo Indian defense is played by most GMs today . Statistically it's one of the best scoring defenses ... Read more »

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In the Dragon, Black fianchettos his bishop on the h8–a1 diagonal. The line is one of the sharpest variations of the Sicilian Defence, making it one of the sharpest of all chess openings.

The modern form of the Dragon was originated by German master Louis Paulse around 1880. It was played frequently by Henry Bird that decade, then received general acceptance around 1900 when played by Harry Nelson Pillsbury and other masters.

The name "Dragon" was first coined by Russian chess master and amateur astronomer Fyodor Dus Chotimirksy who noted the resemblance of Black's kingside pawn structure to the constellation Draco.

I neither play with Dragon , nor against it. It's very risky to play it if your opponent knows all theory. But unprepared player can be trapped in it.

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Grunfeld defense is a hyper modern opening and is very popular today. The main practicer of the defense is Peter Svidler . It's dynamic , aggressive , active action by black . Though black give away the center control to black out the first moves, will breakthrough the center with the move c5 later . The main line is Exchange variation , recently the Russian variation is very popular. There is also line with Na5 move by white (called Nadanian attack) , which aims to eliminate black's c5 move. Study the defense , which can give you the desired victory. Grunfeld is my Number 1 defense to 1.d4 .  Here are 2 long videos you can watch.

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This video is all new for those ones who watched my videos on youtube . Tarrash variation is a flexible idea for white. Without playing Nc3 , he keeps the opportunity to play c3 or c4 eventually. Black must oppose white by strikes on the queenside. The move 3.Nd2 is modern appoach to French , and is now widely used in Top level. 

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1....b6 is rarely seen in top level nowadays , but is very useful in club level . The unprepared opponent will find his positions ruined with careless play.


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