Here am I.

I'm Narek Sargyan , born in 1995 in Vedi, Armenia, living in Yerevan since 2002. Graduated from Vahan Teryan school in 2012. I'm now studying economics in Armenia state university of Economics. I love chess so much , that do not imagine a day without it. I'm playing mostly in - nickname is arm_cavalry , so feel free to add me as friend. I am playing on rarely cause of the lack of cubits there. My peak rating there was 2132 . I'm playing OTB tournaments once a year. That's University tourney. I'm head of our faculty team. Last year was very unlucky for us , we scored just 1.5 and placed the last. 

I'm running this site so as you could download all the videos which youtube deleted and plus I'll upload other videos , which I wasn't able to do before.  All of them are uploaded on Mediafire. So no need to wait minutes to download.

Also I'd really appreciate if you could join our group in -

And please keep subscribed to my channel on Youtube! Thanks very much.