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Almost every variation of a6 system is deeply discussed in this video.
The openings has great popularity among many chess players from amateurs to GMs. 
The Ruy Lopez is considered  one of 3 best openings for white.испанская_классик.mp4

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One of the sharpest openings in chess. The first video is all about the Bishop's gambit , occuring after 3.Bc3!? With careless play of black , white will gain serious advantage and initiative.
The defense is inviting black to play 3...Qh4+ , removing the castling rights from white , but whites will gain tempos by attacking the queen with later move Nf3. 

The next 2 videos are all about defending king's gambit . By studying the videos, you'll know the secret to defeat King's gambit, but on the other hand white can easily smash out you if you don't play the theoritical moves.королевский_слон.flv

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Being irregular and unprospective opening for a long time , this defense wasn't popular till 1920s . As Alekhine developed the theory of hypermodern openings, the defense gained popularity among many GMs . The defense is very risky , but can give very good initiatve with careful play. It's still very popular nowadays.Алехинская.flv

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The Breyer Variation was recommended by Gyula Breyer as early as 1911,but there are no known game records in which Breyer employed this line. The Breyer Variation did not become popular until the 1960s when it was adopted by Boris Spassky  ... Read more »

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The flexible English is the choice of positional players. Transpositions into Queen's gambit,  Indian systyems, Reti Opening etc. can be very useful. 1.c4 was the flag of World Champion Tigran Petrosian . Nowadays Magnus Carlsen , Levon Aronian also play the opening , due to it's rich theory and promising factors.

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A very dynamic though not promising defense by black. Black tries to break the center immedeately , but it appears , white can have the advantage out of first move , and black will have a long way to equalise the position .

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Russian game or Petrov defense is a popular though a tricky opening by black. The are several continuations to the game , the most common of them is 3.Nxe5 , but black shouldn't play carelessly and fall in traps. Traps can be effective even against white. So , study the opening and conquerer with it.

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